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Wanna know who we are? Let’s tell you why we are instead.

The greenhouse

Caffeine, yes is our passion. From green beans through to the smile which emerges from a great coffee, we love every step of the process. But, it’s not the beans which get us up in the morning – it’s the idea of building connection.

For all of us here at The Greenhouse – this is where the real passion thrives. Coffee is our product – but connection is our value.

When we opened our doors back in sunny 2018, our goal was the same as it is today – to bring you a great experience. Taste, service, community all through great food and awesome coffee!

We want you to do more than just grab a coffee.

Sure, The Greenhouse is the perfect place to grab a coffee and run, but we like to think that our story is so much more than that. We’re a forum to share the experience of great food and coffee and in the process to be mindful about how and why we get to enjoy such a pleasure.

Our little community of caffeine addicts make our lives just that much richer. Every day when we get to engage with you and provide you with a great cup of coffee, it makes our community a little stronger – and we love that!

So, whenever you get the chance, stop a sec, take in the vibe and appreciate those caffeine aficionados around you.

The Veggie Bruschetta


A pure cup of what’s up

Now, we don’t want to sound like control freaks – but there’s no real way of disguising it. In order to bring you the goods, we take pride in controlling every step in your coffee’s journey. 

Do we source the beans ourselves – yes.

Roast them ourselves – yes.

Make the coffee ourselves – yes that too.

We believe in sharing value in our community in a way that eludes a lot of other businesses. We source beans from quality suppliers, looking at the value they add to their communities – not just the price of their beans. We roast ourselves so we can massage the right level of flavour for your perfect cup of coffee and share the love of this process with a great crew of people.

We believe that creating a great product leads to infectious results. The happiness we create in our communities has impact well beyond the walls of our cafe. Afterall, The Greenhouse doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it’s a thriving, pumping member of the community and has its own voice too. We’re all about listening to the stories of our world and being an active practitioner of positive change in the community. 

We’d love you to come and share an experience with us. Share your story, a great cup of coffee and our passion for all things good.